GME Finance

In order for your organization to be successful, a clear understanding of your Graduate Medical Education (GME) operation’s financial arrangement and a strong command of the complex and ever-changing regulations regarding GME reimbursement is critical.

We understand GME is an investment and should be managed accordingly – with care. Our team of financial experts work alongside hospital teams, gathering key information to help them understand the financial impact of their overall goals.

We help clients understand the overall economics of their GME programs, assessing their costs as they compare to expected levels and ultimately uncover its overall effectiveness. The findings from our initial evaluation allow us to identify potential opportunities to help improve reimbursements in order to facilitate the health of their GME economics.

Hospitals have come to trust our approach by providing them with concise cost reports detailing the state of their existing programs and uncover potential opportunities. We work with hospitals of all sizes by providing the following core offerings:

  • GME Reimbursement Strategy
  • Pro Forma Development
  • Feasibility Assessment
  • Financial Management & Modeling
  • Grant Management & Legislative Assistance
  • Program Rebalancing
  • FQHC Partnership Development and Integration
  • Institutional & Program Benchmarking