New Program Development

GME from the Ground Up:

The road to establishing a new Graduate Medical Education (GME) program is rarely unobstructed. Hospital organizations hoping to enter the exciting world of GME are often inundated with issues that require a concentrated, yet comprehensive skill set and level of experience.

When it comes to starting a new GME program, there isn’t a single go-to strategy that is universally fitting. Our five-step model – GME from the Ground Up – is based on our experience helping organizations launch viable GME programs. However, our approach is scalable and customizable, suited to meet the needs of your business.

Our development process for non-teaching hospitals has been utilized at approximately 65 new teaching hospitals across the country that represent more than 175 potential new programs. To see an up-to-the-minute snapshot featuring the programs we’ve helped develop throughout the country, click here.

We’re there from start to finish, helping every step of the way or for the occasional step in between. Explore our proven GME from the Ground Up step-by-step process and find out how far you’ve come or need to go in order to institute a successful GME program.

Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) guidelines are incredibly specific and require a comprehensive overview before selecting a program. In order to confirm the viability and sustainability of a program that aligns to your hospital’s overall initiatives, a high level Feasibility Study should be conducted.

This stage of the process will help you determine if GME is right for your organization and includes evaluating the following:

  • Core Program Planning
  • Program Size
  • Faculty Requirements
  • Program Economics
  • Medicare GME Payment Estimates

If the outcomes of this assessment are favorable, your organization will continue on to the next phase of the GME New Program Development process – Financial Analysis.

For more information regarding this phase in particular, please contact our team to learn more about how we can help.

The first five years of your program is incredibly crucial. This ramp up period is spent maximizing your resident cap potential and growing your program while maintaining low overhead. Our subject matter experts will review specific aspects of your hospital to help you determine the size of your program and create a Pro Forma that provides a presumable ten year forecast of the overall program operations, including:

  • Background Information
  • Operational Start-Up Costs
  • Program Expense Projections
  • Medicare Cost Report Information
  • Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) Information

During this phase of the new program planning process, Germane will also evaluate your susceptibility to the following potential risk factors:

  • Outbound Time for Needed Experiences
  • Meeting Core Faculty Needs
  • Cost of Faculty Sourcing & Timing
  • Capital & Operating Start-Up Costs
  • Subspecialty & Continuity Care Clinic Needs

If the results from this assessment are satisfactory, we will move on to the third phase of GME New Program Development – Program Design.

For more information regarding this phase in particular, please contact our team to discuss how we may help.

In order to meet the education requirements for program operations of the accreditation process and overall operational plans, organizations need to have the following key components in place:

  • Faculty Sourcing

    Our team of specialists will help you develop and implement a strategy to build a faculty department that will meet the needs of your hospital while also utilizing existing staff or faculty and using them in a teaching capacity. We look at current staff to identify possible internal resources and find external staff identify roles that need to be filled. We work with the leaders of the GME program administrator to screen applicants make recommendations based on their skill set.

  • Space Planning

    We work with your facilities’ department to create the best blueprint for your teaching hospital by adhering to industry standards and guidelines of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) as well as the American Osteopathic Association (AOA).

  • Clinical Training Model

    We’re fortunate to have the top GME subject matter experts in the industry to help you develop a concise plan for your organization’s curriculum while adhering to industry standards and policies.

From here, organizations who are well-equipped to do so, will move on to the next phase of GME New Program Development – Accreditation Preparation.

For more information regarding this phase in particular, please contact our team to discuss how we may help.

Elements such as timing and scheduling will determine how long the accreditation process will take, however most organizations can expect to spend 18 months completing all the necessary steps to acquire program accreditation.

In order to help prepare your hospital for this crucial piece of new program implementation, our subject matter experts can facilitate a Mock Site Visit to identify your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Once your hospital has completed the accreditation process, our team will help you with the fifth and final phase of GME New Program Development – Post-Accreditation.

For more information regarding this phase in particular, please contact our team to discuss how we may help.

Once accreditation is achieved, our team of experts will provide the framework for a successful GME launch. Before your first year residents begin training, we will facilitate the following:

  • Faculty Development

    While aligning to current standards and practices, our team works with your faculty to ensure the viability and relevance of their curriculum so that residents receive the best training and resources possible.

  • GME Office Setup

    We provide a concise plan within the GME space that allows your facility to execute the daily tasks needed to operate and establish a teaching practice.

  • Program Marketing & Match

    Our team will give your organization the guidance needed to effectively promote your program to potential residents as well as walk you through the National Resident Matching Program (The Match) application process.

For more information regarding this final phase of GME New Program Development, please Contact Us to discuss how we can help.