GME Strategy

Today, teaching hospitals are facing incredible challenges that often pose roadblocks, impeding their efforts to establish or grow their Academic Medical Centers (AMC).

The crucial task for every teaching hospital is to evaluate the health of their existing programs and assure its alignment to their priorities and goals. Upon initial review, general findings include the need for modifications to the type and size of their current program and address cap management in order to house a department that is sustainable and can easily become a part of their strategic fulfillment overall.

Although the road to Graduate Medical Education (GME) success may be unpredictable and difficult, the end result is exceedingly rewarding – financially and professionally. The sense of pride an organization feels when operating a successful GME program, knowing they are making a lasting difference by increasing a patients’ access to quality healthcare is immeasurable.

We’ve cleared the way for AMCs to continue their pursuit of a sustainable GME program, providing unparalleled expertise, proven strategies and custom solutions. With the help of our tried-and-true systems and technology solutions, our team of GME experts has completed numerous strategic planning projects, evaluating GME programs and identifying key opportunities to facilitate the success.