AAMC Releases Podcast, "Beyond the White Coat"

One item that's not receiving a ton of publicity, but perhaps should, is the AAMC's new podcast,
"Beyond the White Coat". Available for free from your favorite podcast provider, the podcast
is a weekly medium through which top leaders of Physician Education organizations gather
to share insights and perspectives on one topic at a time. Topics thus far have ranged from
the bioethical responses amidst COVID-19 (Season 1, Episode 1) to methodologies for
preserving well-being (Season 1, Episode 4).

Leader Perspective:  This podcast is a really great way to learn how others are coping,
organizing, or accelerating change nationally as an organization leader or locally as an
institutional leader. It is also a great way to demonstrate lifelong learning and an
environment of inquiry to those around you. So far, the content has been enlightening and

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