AOA Extends Board Eligibility Window

In response to COVID-19, the AOA announced to its members accommodations to
reconcile testing center closures with the ticking clock of board eligibility. Namely, the
accommodations include:
  • One-Year Extension of Board Eligibility
  • Expedited board certification
  • Identification of resources to fund application fees for residents experiencing loss of
  • income an financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 crisis
  • Case-by-case review for accelerated board certification timelines when completion of on-
  • time training is negatively impacted by situations beyond the resident’s control
  • Extension of Early Entry Initial Certification (EEIC) pathways and application fees for
  • residents who are registered for spring 2020 EEIC exams that are rescheduled for a later
  • date due to COVID-19
Leader Perspective: Alert your Medical Staff Department to ensure they are aware of
board eligibility extension for affected physicians on your staff.

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