ACGME Reflects in JGME

Ahead of its scheduled June 2020 publication, the ACGME released a reflective commentary
through its publication arm, the Journal of Graduate Medical Education, regarding its
response to COVID-19. Penned by Dr. Thomas Nasca, President and CEO of ACGME, the
article provides insights and lessons learned from the accrediting body's response thus far.
Regarding the pandemic status, a third of Residents and Fellows
entered into Phase 3 Pandemic Status through Sponsoring

Institution self-declaration.
In terms of outcomes, the ACGME organized small wins and learned lessons in two
categories: Communication and Administration.

Leader Perspective: While the article affords the public eye a look into the rationale of
pandemic response from the GME accrediting body, it lends few novel ideas in terms of
a successful response. Strategic thinking, shared vision, and rapid communication
internally and between stakeholders and partnering organizations are always best practices
in any industry. Perhaps the most insightful piece of the article is the last sentence, "Finally,
the disruption of this pandemic has forced us to develop new tools, concepts, frameworks,
and policies that are not likely to disappear when the crisis is overcome."  While one cannot
be certain as to what these items are, we know two are more likely than others:
  • Telehealth inclusion in curriculum and appropriate supervision levels (per common
  • program requirement changes effective July 1, 2020).
  • Video conference in lieu of in-person travel (per previously communicated policy for all site
  • visits indefinitely).
To read the full article, click here.
Reference: Thomas J. Nasca (2020) ACGME's Early Adaptation to the COVID-19 Pandemic:
Principles and Lessons Learned. Journal of Graduate Medical Education In-Press.


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