News Alert: Pediatrics & Pediatrics Critical Care ACGME 2021 Proposed Changes

 Author: Kristina Dean, Kesley Hogan, & Joe Catanese
ACGME has revised several specialty requirements for the upcoming 2021 year, focusing on major specialties as well as selected areas in subspecialties.  Both the Pediatrics and Pediatrics Critical Care Medicine Program Requirements go into effect on July 1, 2021.  It is imperative to assess existing and proposed residency programs to incorporate properly these new requirement revisions. In this month’s News Alert, we will highlight the significant changes for Pediatrics and Pediatrics Critical Care Medicine:

ACGME elected to add a few supplemental requirements to optimize Pediatrics residency programs in three (3) areas: Faculty, ACGME Competencies, and Curriculum Organization & Resident Experiences.


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