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Germane’s Contribution to the 2021 NRMP MATCH

The 2021 NRMP MATCH was indeed historical. Ambiguity surrounded both Programs and prospective residents at the onset of the recruitment cycle. Would prospective residents capitalize on an extended budget from reduced travel to overapply to programs? Would programs interview significantly more candidates?

Helpful Tips for Submitting WebADS Updates

It is that time of year again when programs begin to review and update the Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) with any changes to the program over the past year. The new academic year has begun, and all new residents/fellows have started to care for patients. During this time, programs reflect on what happened in the past year., Examples include hiring a new Program Coordinator,...

How to Find ACGME Requirements for Any Specialty Type

Yes, there is a way to find specialty-specific ACGME Requirements across all programs. For all information about requirements, we will be utilizing the ACGME website. The ACGME requirements are most commonly used on a per-program basis as they are very detailed and robust. However, they are also organized by a selected topic that is effective for every program. We can find the requirements organized...

Back to the Basics: What are the 24 Accreditation Statuses Issued by the ACGME?

The ACGME has 24 different types or statuses, of accreditation. There are four main categories that the majority of these statuses can fall under initial accreditation, continued accreditation, withholds and probation, and withdrawals. In its own, separate, category is Osteopathic Recognition which is, “an ACGME-accredited program that is in substantial compliance with the Osteopathic Recognition Requirements.”...

Back to the Basics: How Can A Program Apply for ACGME-Accreditation?

Is your institution interested in starting a new Residency or Fellowship program? If the answer is yes, get ready to create and collate a whole host of paperwork aligned with several layers of ACGME requirements, Institutional, Common Program, and Specialty- Specific. The first thing to know is that new programs must be approved by the ACGME through a formal application, site visit, and Committee approval...

New ACGME-Approved Fellowship: OBGYN-Complex Family Planning

In the last five years, we’ve been busy. Germane successfully supported the accreditation of over 250 ACGME new program applications, with a 98.4% success rate; creating over 5,000 training positions in the U.S. Some of greatest success with Graduate Medical Education (GME) program accreditation lies in the formation of primary care programs which include 11 approved programs in the field of Obstetrics...

ACGME’s Binary Approach to GME Operations + Telemedicine Supervision Extended

ACGME announced in June the transition from a three-stage pandemic status to a binary approach for the 2020-21 academic year. This approach automatically categorizes Institutions and their programs as non-emergency unless action is consistently taken. Meaning, if they are currently in an emergency state and do nothing, the emergency state will expire and the Institution will transition back to non-emergency....

ECFMG Speaks Regarding USMLE

For Sponsoring Institutions and Programs who accept ECFMG-certified International Medical Graduates (IMGs) as long as they are ECFMG-certified, pay close attention to all announcements regarding the future eligibility of IMGs. The passage of USMLE Step 1, Step 2 CK, and Step 2 CS are required for ECFMG certification. One step further, ECFMG certification is required for interview, rank, and appointment....

ACGME Resource Expansion Continues

The ACGME continues to develop resources and organize them for easy access to Sponsoring Institutions and their leadership groups (DIO/IRC/PD/PC). The main page, COVID-19, provides a menu of resources we'd like to take a moment to orient you with:

COPA Releases Additional Recommendations

In the last two weeks, the Coalition for Physician Accountability (COPA) which is an amalgamation of most Undergraduate and Graduate Medical Education organizations released new statements. Below are highlights:

ACGME Updates FAQs

In a special edition of its e-communications, the ACGME announced on May 4th additional responses to FAQs received. Of note, the ACGME confirms it continues to have no requirement for Residents to pass USMLE III in order to progress to subsequent years of training. As discussed by Germane in prior News Alerts, Institutional and Program-level policies may require waiver or amendment due to the inability...

ACGME Reflects in JGME

Ahead of its scheduled June 2020 publication, the ACGME released a reflective commentary through its publication arm, the Journal of Graduate Medical Education, regarding its response to COVID-19.

ACGME Speaks on Furlough

It should go without saying, that furloughs of residents/fellows are unacceptable to the ACGME. Furloughs of other employees, per the ACGME's April 10th press release, "must not interfere with Sponsoring Institutions' ability to ensure sufficient resources for GME administration, Program Directors, faculty members, and coordinators to fulfill responsibilities in the Sponsoring Institution and/or...

ACGME Creates Emergency Status

The ACGME is asking Sponsoring Institutions to self-identify and function within one of three stages based on COVID-19 impact on their facility(ies):

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