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Category: Germane Culture

Meaning in Medicine: Germane's Difference

With the 2023 ACGME Annual Educational Conference approaching, the theme Meaning in Medicine: Making a Difference is at the forefront of our minds. Given the historic times we are living through, it is impossible to ignore the significant impact of COVID-19 on the healthcare industry and the Graduate Medical Education (GME) community. In fact, this conference holds special significance for us, as it...

The Emergence of Germane Solutions as a National Expert

Hailing from decades of experience in Big Four consulting and the healthcare industry, Germane was founded in 2002 to bring financial expertise in Graduate Medical Education to the industry. We realized many hospitals and health systems needed this specialized knowledge and started working to become their trusted advisor. Our founder brought on GME experts and began to establish a client base of hospitals,...

From the Desk of the CEO in collaboration with Lauren O’Meara, CEO Plum Flower Software

A shocking reality of the graduate medical education (GME) process is that the undertaking often described as the single biggest task for a Chief Resident is creating the schedule. Schedules allot time, but they also take time to build. GME scheduling must take into account and meet so many parameters, such as meeting learning requirements and providing coverage and continuity of care, or the entire...

From the Desk of the CEO

This past year has been yet another marked by the COVID-19 pandemic and its ensuing turmoil. Once again, we bore witness to more loss and suffering but also the compassion and innovation which follows such universal tragedy.

From the Desk of the CEO

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the inadequacy of our health infrastructure and the need for greater investment in the people and places that keep our population healthy. This infrastructure is a key pillar needed to support the fundamental aims of fair and adequate access to care and the promotion of quality and well-being for all patients.

Bringing Passion to Practice: Altruistic Leadership

Having celebrated my eighth year at Germane Solutions, I have been asked by others (and even myself) to reflect on my time being here--whether it be a simple congratulations and “How do you feel?” to an in-depth, substantive talk with a colleague.

From the Desk of the VP

2021 has been deemed a year for recovery, and it can go without saying that this notion is strongly felt within the healthcare community. As with any recovery, many aspects of healthcare are changing. There is hope in the industry that this recovery will result in a more efficient system for patient care. Germane is helping to provide needed stabilization and growth within healthcare systems by continually...

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