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Category: Strategy

The Consolidated Appropriations Act’s Section 126: Expectation vs. Reality for GME Funding

There are numerous constraints set in place by the federal government and the rules and regulations that oversee GME operational funding opportunities—cap development being the most prominent of these constraints: many hospitals have the clinical capacity and physician support to develop a new residency or fellowship program, but they have already started and/or completed their cap development period....

From the Desk of the CEO

As the GME landscape plays out and unfolds before the public’s eyes, Germane is at the forefront with constantly developing plans and pathways to guide teaching hospitals to their unique successes.

The Numerous Initiatives for Mitigating the Physician Shortage

In tandem with previous articles focused on legislative pursuits to combat the physician shortage such as the different iterations of the Resident Physician Shortage Reduction Acts and the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 (HR 133), are the different ways states and the federal government have begun addressing the physician shortage.

The Never-ending Story of the Resident Physician Shortage Reduction Act

Through our investigation, we learned the 2021 RPSRA is around the tenth Congressional attempt since 2007 to provide cap relief. Not only that, but each attempt was similar in nature: it is introduced with bipartisan support after a Congressional election year and, after a few news cycles later dies in a committee. The ten RPSRA iterations universally propose adding 15,000 residency slots over five...

Racial Discrimination, and Its Potential Solutions, in Healthcare

Any institution making an effort to improve professional standards to promote inclusion and acceptance must provide proper training and education to faculty, leadership, and learners to ensure their understanding of updated professionalism standards should be specifically applied to discrimination, exclusion, and harassment of underrepresented persons. Ensuring this language is explicit and clearly...

Virtual Learning/Technology from COVID-19

America’s educational leaders have grown accustomed to supplementing classrooms with technological modules, interactive platforms, and other remote learning activities. Online learning in higher education has also flourished with the evolution of the internet; however, when it comes to undergraduate and graduate medical education, students had not experienced remote learning until COVID-19.

Analysis of Consolidated Appropriations Act’s (HR-133) GME Impact

On December 27, 2020, Congress passed the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 (HR 133) which provides legislation that is pertinent to academic medicine. In Germane Solutions’ core commitment to our clients and healthcare community, we are pleased to provide our guidance and understanding into these provisions as they currently stand.

The Relevance of Identifying Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of Interests (COI) is a hotly debated issue within medical institutions, raising questions about how these issues could be addressed and policed. Even with this debate around COI, if one is identified within an institution, it could harshly affect their status, reputation, and responsibility. COI are secondary interests, such as financial gain, that are prioritized over primary interests...

Physician Burnout: A Systematic Issue Requiring System-Level Response

Being a physician has always been a challenging profession, but the satisfaction and joy found in-patient care interactions formerly balanced the challenges. In the last 20-years, however, something has changed. Physicians have seen increases in demands for their time, resources, and energy to an overwhelming degree. In addition to poorly designed daily work systems, the failure of EMRs to support...

The Importance of Physician Pipeline Planning

What does your physician pipeline look like right now? Are you prepared for unforeseen circumstances with physician staffing, such as an unexpected early retirement? If you are struggling with physician sourcing and ensuring that your hospital or system has the appropriate staffing resources to support your community in years to come, you are not alone. Institutions across the country are struggling...

Five Ways to Tell You're Ready for GME

One of the most crucial factors within your organization to begin the consideration of starting new GME programs is overall support. When exploring GME, certain individuals become the GME champions to spearhead the GME initiative. One of the most important factors this GME champion analyzes is the interest and excitement of physicians and staff within a given hospital and associated clinics. Without...

Checking for Teaching Activities in Seemingly Non-Teaching Hospitals

As a non-teaching hospital planning for new Graduate Medical Education (GME) growth, it is paramount to check for past teaching activity when determining the feasibility of GME residency and fellowship programs. Any teaching activity that has gone without notice on the hospital’s Medicare Cost Reports (MCRs) could adversely impact the future reimbursement opportunities of the organization. For instance,...

Back to the Basics: How Can You Check To See If You Can Support A Program?

You noticed turnover or gaps in physician availability within your system. You heard one or more physician group representatives were interested in starting a residency or fellowship program to help with talent recruitment and retention. You’re interested, but don't know where to start exploring the option. The Initial Feasibility Assessment (IFA) is a process in which Germane Solutions works with...

Back to the Basics: Looking at GME from the Outside

Let’s first take a look at the acronym GME, which stands for Graduate Medical Education. GME is responsible for the oversight of training for all Residencies and Fellowships. This is mandatory training for physicians looking to practice medicine independently in the United States. The Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) is responsible for setting guidelines for programs to follow...

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