The Numerous Initiatives for Mitigating the Physician Shortage

In tandem with previous articles focused on legislative pursuits to combat the physician shortage such as the different iterations of the Resident Physician Shortage Reduction Acts and the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 (HR 133), are the different ways states and the federal government have begun addressing the physician shortage.

The Never-ending Story of the Resident Physician Shortage Reduction Act

Through our investigation, we learned the 2021 RPSRA is around the tenth Congressional attempt since 2007 to provide cap relief. Not only that, but each attempt was similar in nature: it is introduced with bipartisan support after a Congressional election year and, after a few news cycles later dies in a committee. The ten RPSRA iterations universally propose adding 15,000 residency slots over five...

Racial Discrimination, and Its Potential Solutions, in Healthcare

Any institution making an effort to improve professional standards to promote inclusion and acceptance must provide proper training and education to faculty, leadership, and learners to ensure their understanding of updated professionalism standards should be specifically applied to discrimination, exclusion, and harassment of underrepresented persons. Ensuring this language is explicit and clearly...

Germane’s Contribution to the 2021 NRMP MATCH

The 2021 NRMP MATCH was indeed historical. Ambiguity surrounded both Programs and prospective residents at the onset of the recruitment cycle. Would prospective residents capitalize on an extended budget from reduced travel to overapply to programs? Would programs interview significantly more candidates?

Virtual Learning/Technology from COVID-19

America’s educational leaders have grown accustomed to supplementing classrooms with technological modules, interactive platforms, and other remote learning activities. Online learning in higher education has also flourished with the evolution of the internet; however, when it comes to undergraduate and graduate medical education, students had not experienced remote learning until COVID-19.

5506 Opportunity for Central U.S. Hospitals

Teaching hospitals interested in expanding their IME and DME cap slots will have the opportunity to apply for the cap of two recently closed hospitals, Westlake Community Hospital (Melrose Park, IL) and Astria Regional Medical Center (Yakima, WA). Both hospitals have closed their facilities, leaving behind both IME and DGME cap during the process.

From the Desk of the VP

2021 has been deemed a year for recovery, and it can go without saying that this notion is strongly felt within the healthcare community. As with any recovery, many aspects of healthcare are changing. There is hope in the industry that this recovery will result in a more efficient system for patient care. Germane is helping to provide needed stabilization and growth within healthcare systems by continually...

COVID-19’s Novel Impact on UME and GME

It’s been nearly one year since the unforgiving coronavirus permeated the country’s hospitals and health systems. We’ve seen how COVID-19 has disrupted our day-to-day lives, leading to various adaptations and adjustments, some for the better, while other mitigation and innovations are being drawn up and attempted. Only time will tell how the infrastructure and operations of health care will evolve,...

Analysis of Consolidated Appropriations Act’s (HR-133) GME Impact

On December 27, 2020, Congress passed the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 (HR 133) which provides legislation that is pertinent to academic medicine. In Germane Solutions’ core commitment to our clients and healthcare community, we are pleased to provide our guidance and understanding into these provisions as they currently stand.

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