New GME Programs

New Program Development

Launching a new graduate medical education program is a serious commitment that takes countless hours of preparation. We provide ACGME sponsoring institutions with a way to start new GME programs with simplicity and ease.

ACGME Program Accreditation

We help medical institutions navigate the complex process of understanding ACGME regulations in order to ensure compliance and achieve their goal of program accreditation. For programs that are already accredited, we can also help evaluate past accreditation practices and assist with the re-accreditation process.

Existing GME Programs

GME Finance & Cost Reporting

Our team of experts has a deep understanding of the complexities of Medicare cost reporting, tracking, and reimbursement for GMEs in all stages of growth. We help new programs discover how to correctly establish their reimbursement profiles and existing programs identify every available reimbursement possible.

Program Value

A GME program is only as good as the value it provides to teaching facilities, students, and the community. Our team uses empirical data and industry experience to define the direct and indirect value of GME programs and provide realistic improvement goals.

Clinical Training Models

Excellent clinical training models create excellent graduate medical education programs. Our CTM assistance helps hospitals improve training efficiency, productivity, and quality so they can get the most out of their programs.

Physician Time Studies

MyTimeStudy is a unique program we created to track and measure physician time. With this program, our clients can get insight into how physicians spend their time and use that information to reduce costs, increase patient access, and improve the overall value of their GME program.

GME Strategy

We help our GME clients develop strategies that effectively manage resources and facilitate educational partnerships, while keeping programs aligned with their mission. Once in place, we periodically evaluate each strategy’s performance and update procedures to ensure the needs of each organization and community are met.

Program & Institutional Operations

Graduate medical education programs require a strong foundation, concrete processes, and the ability to adapt as needed. When a teaching program isn’t providing value or functioning as it should, we work with hospital personal to design solutions that will improve operations and increase efficiency.

FQHC-GME Partnerships

Partnering with a federally qualified health center can be critical in creating a cost effective and community based model for care. We help facilitate the strategic planning and implementation of these partnerships in a way that’s beneficial for all parties.

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