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A Year-End Message From Our CEO: Celebrating Achievements, Expressing Gratitude, and Looking Forward to 2024

As we approach the close of 2023, I am filled with gratitude and pride as I reflect on the remarkable journey we've undertaken together. This year has been nothing short of extraordinary, marked by challenges, triumphs, and the unwavering commitment of our incredible team, clients, and partners.

A Year of Challenges and Success:

2023 brought continued financial pressures on health systems, industry consolidation, some surprising legislative relief, a talent crisis for healthcare workers, and the continued need for expansion of providers and services to improve access to care.

In the face of industry pressures and unexpected challenges, Germane Solutions has not only weathered the storm but emerged stronger and more resilient than ever. Our dedication to creating significant value for our clients has been the driving force behind our success. 

At Germane Solutions, we are steadfast in our commitment to providing excellence in all that we do. We stay at the forefront of industry trends, enabling us to evolve and grow to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. 

2023 has been a year of transformation for Germane Solutions. We've restructured operations, elevated our brand profile, and expanded our capabilities in key service areas. Our vision to revolutionize the delivery of academic medicine and GME has guided our strategic initiatives, and I am proud of the positive impact we've made within the industry as a whole and the impact it will have on access to care across the country. 

Our dedication to value creation is reflected in the numbers:

  • Completed over 50 system-wide strategies

  • Achieved 360 program accreditations in 40 specialties

  • Developed close to 8,000 new annual resident & fellow positions

  • Recovered $500 million in reimbursement dollars

  • Awarded $6.5 million in grants

These achievements underscore our passion for delivering tangible and meaningful results for our clients.

Looking Ahead to 2024:

As we wrap up this transformative year, I am filled with confidence and optimism for what lies ahead. Our planned investments in our people and services reflect our dedication to staying ahead of the curve and remaining relevant to both current and future clients. We are committed to supporting and partnering with our clients to pursue strategic growth and innovation, system optimization, and operational and financial improvements. Exciting projects on our horizon include expansion of our learner-based strategies, clinical modeling, multidisciplinary training & partnerships, and retention strategies. 

Expressing Gratitude:

I want to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to our team members for their hard work and dedication. The core values we share as a team are the foundation of all the good we do, and it's through our collective efforts that we make the greatest difference. 

To our clients, thank you for allowing us to participate in your business journey.  We are grateful for your partnership and trust. It is our privilege to be a part of your work.

On behalf of myself and everyone here at Germane Solutions, I extend warm wishes to you and your loved ones for a peaceful and enjoyable holiday season and a very happy and healthy New Year.


Happy holidays!

Susan Hearn

CEO, Germane Solutions



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