Community and Population Health

Explore our Community and Population Health service line and what Germane can offer to your organization.

The Community and Population Health service line offers hospitals and health systems the opportunity to integrate GME programs with current organizational strategies for community engagement and population health initiatives.

FQHC & GME Partnerships

With current healthcare trends evolving, supporting community partnerships that enrich the residency experience is essential. Germane Solutions facilitates exploratory discussions and performs feasibility studies to identify potential partnerships between hospitals and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and Community Health Centers (CHCs). Germane guides health system and hospital leadership throughout the engagement process including topics like negotiations, definitive affiliation agreements, and the development of a GME-FQHC hybrid curriculum structure.

Grant Development & Writing

Germane Solutions brings our medical expertise to assist health systems and hospitals with identifying available federal and state grant funding opportunities monumental to GME operations and supplemental to GME budgets. Germane collaborates with the client to determine the likelihood of receiving any grant award before beginning and leads through the completion of detailed grant applications to ensure all requirements are met for best award positioning, from composing inquiry letters to developing project proposals.

Magnet Designation 

Germane Solutions brings together its extensive accreditation and quality experience to assist hospitals and health systems to achieve and maintain Magnet Recognition status. Germane experts provide support and guidance to ensure each applicant for Magnet Recognition is best positioned for receiving the prestigious magnet designation. 

Population Health Strategy

Although they have historically been slow to change, the healthcare system in the United States has demonstrated a need for rapid transformation in response to pandemics, regulatory changes, or legislative pressures in recent years. With value-based care models becoming the new standard, incorporating population healthcare delivery models into GME programs is essential for developing the next generation of physicians. It is vital to change how we think about strategic planning and Return on Investment (ROI) by including patient outcomes, social determinants of health, and other non-financial attributes. Capturing all these inputs paints a holistic picture and allows for a more comprehensive approach as the healthcare and reimbursement landscape changes. Germane Solutions is invested in assisting organizations in making this pivotal turn in healthcare. Germane guides clients in assessing institutional processes to identify potential opportunities that align the organization’s strategic plans with population health initiatives in their GME programs.

These case studies provide insight into how we put these offerings together to create value for you.

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