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Healthcare organizations, and Academic Institutions alike, that support Graduate Medical Education must remain committed a culture of lifelong learning and continuous improvement if they wish to consistently realize the maximum level of value from their GME footprint.

Though the landscape around GME may constantly be changing, the sponsoring organization's ability to sustain clear prioritization of medical education ensures that the administrative and operational processes necessary to support a quality GME experience are being regularly reviewed and refined to maintain optimal efficiency and quality. When programs become operationally inefficient, the resulting educational and financial impact is oftentimes widespread.

Our team at Germane Solutions regularly supports our clients in reviewing, developing, and improving their operational processes and supporting frameworks. Our primary goal is to ensure the processes, personnel, and resources available at a sponsoring institution align and satisfy the needs of GME programs and the participating clinical sites.

Though each of our clients are unique when it comes to their respective sizes, scope of services, and strategic interests, our operations experts work collaboratively with their key stakeholders to help architect new and improved systems and supporting processes that effectively streamline operational work steps, improve clinical training efficiencies, reduce administrative burden, and promote an environment where more program and departmental leadership time can be focused on improving the quality of education and patient care.

GME Program Assessments

Whether you are a new institution looking for ways to set up your program oversight process or an existing institution wondering if you're effectively managing program quality, Germane Solutions' Operations service line has solutions for you. Through our detailed GME Program Assessment process, we support any institution in identifying the most appropriate metrics and key performance indicators for assessing program value, operational efficiency, and ACGME Compliance and Accreditation Risk. As a result, our Program Assessments can expedite the ACGME-required Annual Program Evaluation, Annual Institutional Review, Self-Studies, and 10-Year Accreditation Visit preparation.

RMS Audit, Management, and Setup Support

Our consulting team has significant expertise working within a variety of Residency Management Systems, such as New Innovations and MedHub. We can assist with an in-depth RMS audit of your current software, implementation of new features and modules within the system, provide individualized training and development for key users of the software, or set-up/implementation of a brand new RMS for your institution. Our experts have in-depth experience with troubleshooting, utilization analysis, and staff training to optimize the value this crucial tool can provide to your residency programs.

Clinical Training Models

A key challenge of residency program scheduling is balancing quality educational experiences with the need for consistent, reliable coverage on the appropriate services. Our team has expertise with scheduling a variety of residency and fellowship programs, including program-specific rotation schedules, daily assignment schedules, and development of clinical service line schedules that integrate learners from multiple programs and/or Sponsoring Institutions. Our team supports programs and institutions with creating new residency schedules, transitioning programs to innovative scheduling models, adding new services or sites, and adjusting to changing curriculum requirements or restrictions. Our clinical training model analyses can help ensure residency and fellowship program schedules are predictable, educationally and clinically valuable, and appropriately leveraged.

Infrastructure Advisement

Our team of leading experts in the field of GME partner with GME leadership teams to advise our clients on optimizing their GME office oversight and structure, whether they are developing new workflows or reevaluating and revamping existing systems and processes. We work collaboratively within the healthcare system to streamline processes and maximize available resources such as MedHub or New Innovations to create a natural flow for work productivity—from the Coordinator level to the GMEC. Our team assists in identifying opportunities for process improvement and improved communication, alleviating administrative burdens, and adding value to additional data captured through existing systems.

Residency/Fellowship Marketing and Recruitment

Residency/Fellowship Marketing and Recruitment is a practice that evolves year-over-year. More and more, applicants rely on programs' digital presence maintained on websites and social media to determine whether they wish to join your program. With a finger on the national pulse of medical student graduates as well as awareness for key features that attract top talent, Germane Solutions partners with your programs, institution, and marketing department(s) to develop an online presence truly reflective of your offerings and attractive to the candidates you hope to train. Germane also supports recruitment process strategy and implementation for both new programs planning for their first residency recruitment season, and programs hoping to improve their processes and outcomes. Germane also collaborates with ThalamusGME to provide post-recruitment outcomes analyses for GME programs and institutions to evaluate their recruitment outcomes and incorporate into continuous improvement processes.

For more information, watch our recruitment webinar here. 

Interim GME Administrative Services

Germane provides virtual, qualified, interim support personnel who can assist with staffing shortages in GME Offices and for individual residency or fellowship programs. Our staff are experienced with all aspects of GME administration and can ensure that your program or GME office administration is effectively maintained while you work to recruit full-time personnel. 

Training And Developmental Opportunities

Our consulting team leans on our national experience in accreditation, operations, strategy, and finance to provide tailored training and mentoring opportunities for GME and Program staff. Our one-on-one training and mentoring sessions as well as our formal training courses provide education in areas such ACGME requirements, residency recruitment and marketing, institutional oversight processes, RMS set up and management, new hire training and more. Our training programs can be tailored to new or experienced personnel, including but not limited to Program Coordinators, Designated Institutional Officials, Program Directors, GME Finance Coordinators, Institutional Coordinators, and program faculty.

These case studies provide insight into how we put these offerings together to create value for you.

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