Our Story

It's rare for someone to find their true passion in life and rarer still to pursue it as a career. At Germane Solutions, we let our passion drive your success each and every day.


Founded in 2002 with deep roots and experience in Big 4 Consulting


Big vision to create a firm focused on utilizing GME to revolutionize healthcare delivery and patient outcomes


Brought together subject matter experts, technological innovations, and a passion for success


Developed data-driven, customized solutions while partnering with clients to achieve results

We were founded in 2002 by our CEO, Art Boll, on a simple principle: Graduate Medical Education (GME) is a crucial piece of strategy often overlooked and almost always misaligned with both short- and long-term organizational goals. Believing in the vision that GME could revolutionize healthcare delivery and patient outcomes, Germane grew exponentially year-over-year, earning recognition in the 2017 Consulting Magazine’s List of Fastest-Growing Firms.

Our GME consulting success is primarily attributed to our passion for providing value to our clients through our commitment to service and product development to solve the most pressing issues faced by both teaching and non-teaching organizations.

Expanding year-over-year since our founding, we are grateful to become the most trusted and predominate GME consulting firm in the U.S. We value the opportunity to directly impact the U.S. physician shortage by partnering with universities, health systems, community hospitals, and clinics to both create over 5,000 training positions, preserve existing accreditation at-risk positions, and create measurable financial and operational sustainability through data-driven solutions, enhancing diversity among physicians, and performance improvement initiatives.

We would be honored to support your story as well.

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