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Colleagues at Work

Our Partnership with


To better provide for our clients, it is imperative that we collaborate with prominent industry leaders. Partnering with Thalmaus allows us to ensure all of our clients' needs are met.

Most Preferred Recruitment Platform

Thalamus is the most preferred recruitment platform for GME Directors & DIOs to optimize residency and fellowship program recruitment.


Built to improve GME recruitment processes, Thalamus provides:

  • Robust application screening and review, incorporating technology-assisted holistic review

  • Integrated interview management incorporating in-person and virtual interview capabilities

  • A video interview solution built specifically for GME interviews

  • Automated itinerary creation for applicant/interviewer scheduling

  • Enhanced data and analytics insights, including DEI and geography, to optimize match outcomes

Consolidate Manual Processes

Consolidate manual processes into a single, comprehensive platform to review applications and centralize interview management.


Increase operational efficiency by:

  • Standardizing your institutional processes to reduce manual errors, improve team collaboration and uphold transparency in your recruitment processes

  • Leveraging data-driven insights to optimize departmental interview management and applicant recruitment experiences

  • Maximizing program coordinators' time through automatic creation of end-of-season reports and APEs

Reduce Burnout & Increase Retention

Reduce burnout and increase program coordinator and leadership retention. Ensure your residency and fellowship program leadership is operating at peak efficiency and maximizing engagement with prospective applicants by:

  • Enhancing workflows through automatic face sheets, rank lists, match composites, and more

  • Optimizing schedules and streamlining email and other communications

  • Increasing program coordinator and program director job satisfaction

  • Utilizing archiving data capabilities to build a recruitment source of truth to minimize disruption on program staff or leadership turnover

Find the Right Residents & Fellows

Put your institution’s best foot forward in your search for prospective applicants with Thalamus. Impress them with an easy-to-use and efficient platform to select interview dates and manage recruitment. Provide them with on-the-go access through a convenient mobile app that has built-in interviewing features

Feel Safe with Secure Data

Thalamus maintains a 100% success rate in IT and security screens for over 300+ institutions. Our co-founder is a former program director, now an associate DIO. Our CEO is a former resident whose training programs now utilize Thalamus. Over half of Team Thalamus has GME leadership and administrative experience. We understand how critical it is for recruitment season data to be protected and the system to function because we have recruited in GME ourselves. Thalamus has achieved 99.99% uptime for nearly a decade serving the GME community.

Expand Your Knowledge

Expand your knowledge with peer-reviewed research and expert GME guidance. Thalamus' products are backed by industry-leading peer-reviewed research in top academic publications. Our team is comprised of academic physicians and medical researchers, including current and former applicants, program directors, program coordinators, and GME leadership, as well as healthcare analytic/geographic data scientists, economists, selection /recruitment experts, and organizational/ behavioral psychologists. 90% of our support team are former program coordinators, several who hold C-TAGME certification. Recruit with confidence knowing your efforts are supported by experts in GME recruitment. Want focused 1:1 training and support during your interview season? Our premium support model will give your programs the personalized help you want and need.

Interested in learning more?

Visit Thalmaus, a Germane Solutions trusted software provider. 

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