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Human Resources

Our services encompass several key areas, through which our HR experts work collaboratively with your leadership team to better understand your organization's needs and potential opportunities. Our experts help you measure your HR risk level-or tolerance, provide insights on potential solutions, and deliver a customized plan. Germane Solutions is here to serve as your trusted advisor and identify a unique and optimal Human Resource strategy for your organization's success.

Employee Relations and Development

Talent, or Human Capital, is your number one asset. In today’s market, it is critical employers continue to find ways to develop and support their employees. Our HR experts will work with you to define any potential concern that may need to be addressed and to refresh and refine your talent pool. Our solutions are aligned and supportive of your organization's mission, strategic direction, and operational challenges to ensure cohesive delivery.

Employment Law Compliance

An essential part of any company’s HR solution is to be compliant with the ever-changing employment laws. Our experts can help create a strategic plan to ensure your organization is compliant.  

Benefits Administration and Compensation

With continual changes in the world of benefits to talent retention, our HR experts can help you navigate employee perks and develop a plan to ensure you have a robust mix of benefits and compensation. We can also help support your current staff in benefits administration.

OFCCP Compliance

If you are a federal contractor, you are aware there are other compliance requirements you must follow. Our HR experts can help you navigate Executive Order 11246. We can assist you in writing your affirmative action plan or training on discrimination. 

Recruiting and Pre-Employment Services

Recruiting can be time-consuming and exhausting. However, finding that perfect match is exciting and rewarding. If you need assistance finding your next hire, our HR experts stand ready to step in and support your initiative.

Consultations and Mentoring

We can help support your HR staff with mentoring or consultative time. Our services are offered in specified time increments (weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual)— or on an as-needed basis. We customize support for each client, and our mentoring program is a great way to help develop internal talent and provide support as your team develops and grows.

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Specialized Needs

Sometimes your needs are greater than standardized HR offerings, and our HR experts are great at curating customized solutions for you and your organization. We take a personalized approach to all our clients. We want to know what drives your organization and your organization’s priorities and challenges. These attributes make your organization unique, and we are here to design customized plans that support your company and talent while taking you both to the next level.

Your HR Partner

Darla Cade, SHRM SCP, PHR

Darla brings more than 20 years of experience in Human
Resources to Germane Solutions. In her role, Ms. Cade researches, writes, and implements HR policies; recruits, hires, and onboards employees; provides Training and Development; manages benefits; processes payroll; and acts as an Employee Liaison between departments, staff, and executives. As part of a growing organization, Ms. Cade ensures that positive employee culture and top-quality HR remain at the forefront for all Germane Solutions employees.

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