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Our services encompass several key areas, through which our strategy experts work collaboratively with your leadership team to better understand your organization's needs and potential. Our experts help you understand your current GME environment, provide insights on potential new programs, and determine the value of your current GME programs. Germane Solutions is here to serve as your trusted advisor and identify a unique and optimal strategy for your organization's success.

GME Strategy

We partner with you to understand your hospital's current environment, identify possible outcomes with your available resources, and create a strategic plan which serves as the blueprint for the successful implementation of your future GME enterprise. This strategic plan is aligned and supportive of your organization's mission, strategic direction, and operational challenges and will serve as your overarching strategic and financial GME plan.

New Program Opportunity Assessment

An essential part of a GME strategic plan is determining what programs can be effectively supported by your organization. To assess the viability of a new program, we evaluate key service data and your organization's strategic direction and operational objectives to identify opportunities for developing new programs.

Program Value

Each GME program provides a unique set of benefits to its healthcare organization. Understanding your program's operational, financial, and strategic contributions help illuminate your organization's value proposition.


To evaluate each program's value and role within your new GME strategy, we collaborate with you to identify the most germane attributes like recruitment, satisfaction, financial status, service coverage, and alignment with your strategic objectives. Additionally, we use national best practices as a benchmark for comparison when evaluating your existing programs. Following our evaluation, our recommendations typically include resizing, relocating, or implementing operational changes to your programs.


We schedule a half to full-day visioning session with you to educate, strategize, and discuss opportunities for GME growth, development, and improvement. With the constantly evolving landscape of GME, we bring modern strategic information and opportunities to identify the best path forward for your organization.

Your Strategy Partner

Scott Masin, MBA 

Scott delivers financial and strategic expertise utilizing methods that incorporate Medicare Cost Reports and Medicare GME Reimbursement. He has significant experience in GME systems strategy, feasibility assessments, system affiliations, and resident schedules that allow for maximum reimbursement for hospitals. Scott holds a Bachelor of Science from Wittenberg University and a Master of Business Administration from Wright State University.

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