We provide our clients with solutions from five service lines. By aligning our GME consulting services with your organization’s strategic objectives, we partner with you to create powerful results—be that strategic planning, accreditation support, operations improvement, finance, and grants utilization, or health outcomes management. Not sure where to start? These case studies are examples of common questions we partner with organizations to answer. What question can we answer for you?


One of the major underlying questions facing academic health centers today is how to create a platform or infrastructure within the organization that can maximize the value provided by GME programs but can also adapt to meet the changing healthcare landscape. A customized targeted GME strategic plan will help you integrate GME and create value within your organization.

Our GME Consulting services encompass three main areas, GME Strategy, GME Opportunity Assessment, and Program Value. In each of these areas, we will work with you and your leadership team to better understand the needs of the organization. Whether you’re looking to better understand the as-is environment, understand what programs are possible, or evaluate current GME programs to determine their value, Germane will partner with you to determine the optimal solution.


Though the landscape around GME may always be changing, the sponsoring organization's ability to sustain a high level of attention and purpose, regarding medical education, ensures that the entire scope of the administrative and operational processes necessary to support a quality GME experience are being regularly reviewed and refined to maintain optimal efficiency. When programs become operationally inefficient, the resulting educational and financial impact oftentimes is widespread.

Our team at Germane Solutions regularly supports our clients in the review, development, and improvement of their operational processes and supporting framework. Our primary goal is to create mechanisms that best align and satisfy the needs of both GME programs and the clinical environments that they train within. Though each of our clients are unique when it comes to their respective sizes, the scope of services, and strategic interests, our operations experts work collaboratively with their key stakeholders to help architect new and improved systems and supporting processes that effectively streamline operational work steps, improve clinical training efficiencies, reduces administrative burden, and promotes an environment where more program and departmental leadership time from can be focused on improving the quality of its educational opportunities that are being delivered to its learners.


When it comes to GME Finance, Germane Solutions is the leading expert. We provide an assortment of solutions to meet our client's needs from the development of business cases and financial modeling to the review of CMS cost reports with the goal of identifying additional eligible reimbursement opportunities. This service line focuses on providing financial insights related to Graduate Medical Education to healthcare organizations of all shapes and sizes. Germane can help you understand GME costs and reimbursement, and we will partner with you to communicate with CMS as needed for complex regulatory and reimbursement issues.


The Health Outcomes Management (Outcomes) service line offers hospitals and health systems the opportunity to integrate GME programs with current organizational strategies for community engagement and population health initiatives. Integrating population health into GME development can address the unique needs of the surrounding community while supporting strategic objectives, improving population health outcomes, gaining access to targeted population data, and providing trainees with an engaging learning environment. With value-based care models becoming the new standard, incorporating population health care delivery models into GME programs is essential for developing the next generation of physicians.


Institutional and Programmatic Accreditation are the cornerstones of successful Graduate Medical Education (GME) programs for any hospital or system. It is the most vital hurdle for any viable program, yet it can prove quite daunting to hospitals that are new to GME. Additionally, hospitals with existing GME programs may find themselves having difficulty maintaining the standards for accreditation. Germane has worked with hospitals across the country to guide them in achieving or maintaining accreditation. With over 200 programs accredited to date, Germane has a proven ability to help clients achieve and maintain successful accreditation across all spectrums of GME.

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