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Germane has worked with hospitals across the country to guide them in achieving or maintaining accreditation. With over 350 programs accredited to date, Germane has a proven ability to help clients achieve and maintain successful accreditation across approximately 45 specialties. 

Institutional and Programmatic Accreditation are the cornerstones of successful Graduate Medical Education (GME) programs for any hospital or system. It is the most vital hurdle for any viable program, yet it can prove quite daunting to hospitals that are new to GME. Additionally, hospitals with existing GME programs may find themselves having difficulty maintaining the standards for accreditation.

Feasibility Assessment

A Feasibility Assessment is utilized to help determine if and how Graduate Medical Education can be integrated into a hospital’s resources and vision for the future. During a feasibility assessment, Germane collaborates with a hospital’s GME Steering Committee, which is comprised of key leadership and stakeholders , to form recommendations regarding what programs can be supported, if any, as well as program size, sponsorship, operational considerations, an understanding of required faculty commitments, a gap analysis of any missing resources, and the financial outlook of the recommended program(s). At the close of a feasibility assessment, Germane aims to provide the institution with all of the information and education necessary to feel comfortable making a decision regarding how to move forward with Graduate Medical Education.

Institutional and New Program Application

Another offering within the Accrediation service line is assistance with the preparation and submission of Institutional/Sponsorship and New Program Applications. To start a new residency or fellowship program, a New Program Application must prepare and submit an application to the primary accrediting bodies for Graduate Medical Education, which is often several hundred pages in length. During this process, applicants must adhere to very specific guidelines and requirements to submit a high quality and successful application. Germane is a leader in the nation for guiding institutions and programs in the successful submission of new program applications and has the experience and knowledge necessary to give our clients the highest chance of success.

Site Visit Preparation

Following submission of an application and periodically as determined by the accrediting body, an institution or program must undergo Site Visits from the accrediting body. Germane often assists our clients with Site Visits to ensure a hospital has the knowledge, resources, preparation, competence, and confidence to successfully execute a site visit by the accrediting body. Often, this includes assistance in the gathering and/or preparation of the required materials as well as a mock site visit, which is designed to emulated to reflect what actual site visits entail. This process helps hospitals prepare their leadership, faculty, and residents/fellows with the knowledge of what to expect during a Site Visit as well as increase participants’ confidence in understanding the questions and expectations of the accrediting body.

Accreditation Maintenance

Becoming initially accredited and continuing to uphold the standards of said accreditation are equally significant. Therefore, Germane also has methodologies that support a hospital’s continued accreditation and addresses any accreditation concerns. One such methodology is the Accreditation Gap Analyses, which is used to determine what resources are necessary for a hospital to achieve accreditation standards. This analysis assesses the requirements of an accrediting body and compares these standards to hospital data to identify any areas where these metrics are not met. Germane can then assist a hospital in understanding why those requirements are not being met and how to meet those requirements as well as additional best practices in the future.

These case studies provide insight into how we put these offerings together to create value for you.

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