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Our services encompass several key areas, through which our accreditation experts work collaboratively to complete feasibility assessments, institutional and new program applications, site visit preparations, and assist in accreditation maintenance. We have successfully assisted over 350 programs in 45 different specialties achieve or maintain accreditation. Institutional and Programmatic Accreditation are the cornerstones of successful Graduate Medical Education, and Germane Solutions is here to serve as your trusted advisor and assist you with your accreditation needs.

Feasibility Assessment

Feasibility Assessments are utilized to help determine how GME can be integrated into your hospital’s resources and vision for the future. These assessments can evaluate the opportunity for brand-new GME development at an existing site, or During a Feasibility Assessment, we collaborate with your hospital’s GME Steering Committee to form recommendations regarding potential programs, respective program sizes, sponsorships, operational considerations, required faculty commitments, identify missing resources and the financial outlook of the recommended programs. At the close of a feasibility assessment, we provide you with all the necessary information to feel confident in your ability to make future decisions regarding GME.

Institutional and New Program Application

To start a new residency or fellowship program, a New Program Application must be prepared and submitted to the primary accrediting bodies for GME. During this process, applicants must adhere to specific guidelines to ensure a high-quality and successful application is submitted. Our process relieves administrative burden and our team’s vast expertise with accreditation and the application process ensures a high-quality and compliant product is submitted to the appropriate accrediting body. We are the industry leader in advising institutions and programs during the new program application process, and we have the experience and knowledge necessary to give our clients the highest chance of success.  

Site Visit Preparation

After submitting a New Program Application or periodically, an institution or program must undergo a Site Visit from the accrediting body. We offer Site Visit Preparation to ensure the institution or program has the knowledge, resources, and competence to successfully execute the accrediting body's Site Visit. Our Site Visit Preparations include gathering, reviewing, and confirming compliance of all required materials and performing a Mock Site Visit, which is designed to emulate the actual Site Visit. This preparation helps provide the organization’s leadership, faculty, and residents/fellows with the appropriate knowledge and verifies participants’ overall confidence and understanding of the accrediting body's expectations and likely areas of focus for the Site Visit.

Accreditation Maintenance 

Maintaining institutional and program accreditation is as equally significant as achieving initial accreditation. We offer procedures that support your institution's continued accreditation success. We compare the accrediting body’s requirements and standards to each organization’s documentation and data— identifying problem areas where the requirements are not perfectly fulfilled. Following an evaluation of the existing concern areas, we assist our clients in deeply understanding how these specific requirements are not being met and guide in developing a strategic plan to fulfill those requirements.

Your Community Health Partner

Kesley Barnes

During her time at Germane, Kelsey has managed many GME engagements in small community hospitals and large academic systems alike. Kelsey serves as a leader in the accreditation service line and has extensive experience with GME strategic planning. Kelsey received her Bachelor's in Business Management from Miami University.

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