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2024 Match Day Trends & Germane Solutions’ Impact on New Program Development

Following the 2024 Match Day, Germane Solutions was excited to see the newly matched residents secure positions in various residency specialties nationwide. This year, the Match experienced a record number of applications for the Main Residency Match, marking a 5% increase compared to last year. The National Residency Match Program (NRMP) results offered valuable insights into changes within the healthcare industry, and the most recent NRMP results revealed intriguing trends, reflecting the dynamic nature of medical training and workforce demands.

While the demand for Primary Care Physicians continues to rise, there has been a slight decline in fill rates, primarily due to fewer positions in Pediatrics. Pediatrics experienced a 4% drop in filled positions compared to last year, resulting in 252 unfilled spots, roughly 90 more spots than the previous year.

Additionally, Emergency Medicine fill rates have been a significant topic since the 2023 Match Day. Fortunately, this year marked a rebound, following a two-year decline. Emergency Medicine saw a 95.5% fill rate, a 14% increase from its lowest point in 2023.

Among the standout observations from this year's NRMP results is the continued rise in the popularity of certain specialties, such as Dermatology, Orthopedic Surgery, and Emergency Medicine. These specialties have experienced a significant increase in the number of applicants, leading to heightened competition for these coveted residency positions. Several factors such as lifestyle considerations, salary prospects, and perceived prestige contribute to the growing interest in these fields. Consequently, program directors are facing the challenges of selecting from a larger pool of highly qualified candidates, necessitating stringent evaluation criteria and innovative selection processes.


For more information and trends, please see NRMP’s Press Release below:


Germane Solutions is proud of our contribution to addressing the physician shortage across the country. Over the last 8 years, Germane Solutions has assisted in the development of almost 1 in 10 ACGME-accredited programs. We are determined to continue working across the country to assist our valued clients develop new and innovative training models that attract the best and most compatible candidates.



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