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The Emergence of Germane Solutions as a National Expert

Hailing from decades of experience in Big Four consulting and the healthcare industry, Germane Solutions was founded in 2002 to bring financial expertise in Graduate Medical Education to the industry. We realized many hospitals and health systems needed this specialized knowledge and started working to become their trusted advisor. Our founder, Art Boll, brought on GME experts and began to establish a client base of hospitals, medical schools, and health systems. Thus set in motion the arduous journey of building a company of healthcare experts that utilizes data-driven approaches: Germane Solutions was born, and before long, business grew beyond financial expertise.

Strategy was our first natural expansion as our team identified a critical need from our clients. Concerns over a physician shortage emerged in the early 2000s with the release of multiple state and national assessments of the physician workforce. As hospitals began to feel the impact of this shortage, GME was elevated to a much more strategic priority in the mind of the Executive team. Germane Solutions has worked with many hospitals and health systems to integrate teaching and retain residents as a critical strategic premise in ensuring an adequate supply of physicians in the future.

Osteopathic and allopathic medical schools began to expand enrollment in an effort to increase the number of physicians in the country, and new medical schools were also created. Despite the increase in medical students, no corresponding number of residency training slots was available. Medical students were challenged to find residency slots, compounding the physician shortage. There are students today that remain unmatched.

As a niche firm focused on GME, Germane Solutions is committed to understanding and addressing the needs of the industry for our clients. With the developing physician shortage and mismatch of training positions, we shifted and expanded our capabilities to facilitate the needs of the industry. Our accreditation practice was created and progressively grew as we helped clients develop new residency programs and produce strategies to retain physicians.

Over the years, we have also grown additional capabilities in the operational area as we have worked with clients to better optimize their residency programs and community and population health through our grant practice.

In Germane Solutions’ twenty years, we are proud to have solved critical problems for healthcare organizations while addressing access to care barriers through the utilization of GME for many purposes, like physician recruitment. Beginning with core GME knowledge, a small following, and a robust financial business, we have tackled issues in the industry as they have arisen and grown the capabilities of our company to address them. The national reputation that we have earned in finance, strategy, and accreditation, as well as our other established service lines, are only indicative of our evolution which has been continuously shaped by our desire to provide excellence to our clients. We are their trusted Advisor in Graduate Medical Education. Today, our ability to advance the success of healthcare organizations and promote community health through expertise and technological, data-driven solutions has never been better. Our story is one of adaptability and reactivity: to the industry, the needs of our clients, and the population.


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