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Round 20—Section 5506 Redistribution of GME FTEs Announced

Notice of Closure of St. Vincent Charity Medical Center (CCN 360037) Located in Cleveland, OH and the Application Process—Round 20

Section 5506 of the Affordable Care Act authorizes the Secretary to redistribute residency slots after a hospital that trained residents in an approved medical residency program closes.

The application period for hospitals to apply for slots under section 5506 of the Affordable Care Act is 90 days following notice to the public of a hospital closure (77 FR 53436). Therefore, hospitals that wish to apply must submit applications using the electronic application intake system, Medicare Electronic Application Request Information System™ (MEARIS™), no later than July 10, 2023.

The Section 5506 application can be accessed here:

Germane Solutions has experience assisting other hospitals receive this award from prior rounds of Section 5506 redistribution. Please contact us to determine if your hospital qualifies. Our team of experts would be happy to provide more details or answer any questions about the process.



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