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How Do We Ensure Our GME Funding is Optimized?

The Client

Germane Solutions was contacted by a small hospital system consisting of three hospitals. Within this healthcare system, their flagship hospital contains legacy residency and fellowship programs through an affiliation with a local medical school, and the other two are non-teaching hospitals. Health System leadership was interested in learning how to optimize the current resident funding at their flagship teaching hospital and work to grow the GME footprint in their non-teaching hospitals to meet their organizational goals while not investing a significant amount of money in perpetuity.

The Challenge

The health system is unsure of the current financial benefit that GME provides to the hospital and health system as it is so ingrained into its current operations. Furthermore, this financial benefit needs to be identified and quantified before additional programs can be investigated at non-teaching hospitals.

The Solution

Germane Solutions partnered with the hospital system to correct the current resident counting process while minimizing the potential audit risk to validate the current funding. For the non-teaching hospitals within the hospital system’s GME Footprint, Germane Solutions worked with leadership to develop 10-year pro formas for new GME program development. Furthermore, Germane Solutions provided guidance on the process to ensure funding will come at the appropriate time to support any new residency programs.

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The Germane Effect

Germane Solutions was able to correct its Resident FTE Counting Process at the flagship hospital, resulting in an additional $6 Million in CMS Reimbursement. With this extra funding, capital investments were made to support GME growth at the non-teaching hospitals. The two non-teaching hospitals now support three residency programs at each location, providing a future pipeline of doctors and improving the quality of patient care.

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