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Accreditation Cases

Business Meeting

We Have a Vision for GME— Can We Get Assistance? 

The Client

Germane Solutions was contacted by a health system who wanted to know if Graduate Medical Education (GME) programs would be feasible within their system, and if so, what that might look like for them. The health system has two hospitals and various outpatient sites throughout the region. The system has long-standing teaching programs for nurses, physician’s assistants, and medical students; however, they have never had residents or fellows in the system.

The Challenge

The system was overwhelmed by the thought of where to start and how to get a wholistic view of their system to determine what kind of programs they might be able to support. They also recognized the need to understand the administrative, educational, financial, human, and clinical resources that would be necessary to support the programs. In addition to an understanding of the resources that would be necessary and the potential impact of GME on the system, the client also wanted to ensure that they had a better general understanding of GME, the accreditation requirements, and the details of GME finance and reimbursement. Additionally, the client wanted to create a plan for GME that not only met requirements but also presented a unique teaching environment in their system that would set them apart from other hospitals (teaching and non-teaching) in the region.

The Solution

Germane Solutions collaborated with a Steering Committee selected by the system to explore the potential for GME at their hospital sites. Germane Solutions utilized data and information collected through interviews with the executive team and physician leadership to form the recommendations. Through the process, Germane Solutions provided education and answered questions about GME so that the executive team could feel empowered in their knowledge to comfortably make an informed decision on how to proceed with GME in their system. In addition to the educational component, Germane Solutions provided recommendations regarding institutional sponsorship, training program specialties and sizes, a timeline for development, and detailed next steps for the system. Additionally, Germane Solutions provided an overview of the faculty that would be necessary, information about the clinical training requirements, and a ten-year proforma for the recommended programs. By the close of the engagement, the client felt confident in their plan for GME and was ready to move forward with the accreditation process.

Business People

The Germane Effect

Germane Solutions strived to provide the client with guidance and support throughout the process. By the close of the engagement, the client became more confident in their knowledge of GME and had an actionable plan. The Initial Feasibility Process marked the beginning of the GME process for most institutions, and a vast majority of clients moved on to institutional or program applications shortly thereafter.

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